Japan trip and Shamanic Yoga with Selene Calloni Williams, September 16-25

Trip and Workshop held by Selene Calloni Williams

Start: September 16
September 17-20: we will visit some mystic places, located on the mountains. 
September 21-23: Yoga Shamanic Workshop (it will be held in English with a translation into Japanese)

Intensive Shamanic Yoga seminar in Kansai Japan from Sept 21 to 23.
A great self- healing adventure, a workshop to gain freedom and happiness.
Humanity is at the turning point of a great age. We are moving from a patriarchal paradigm into a newparadigm of heart centeredness and love. For millennia, the accelerating domination of masculine overfeminine energy has brought us to where we are now: on the brink of collapse.
As the old cycle dies and the new one is born, we are all plunged into unknown territories and grapple
with massive changes within and around us.
Despite the challenges, the crumbling of the patriarchal structures into chaos is a blessing in disguise. Itclears the path for a new way of being in the world.
Now more than ever we are all receiving a universal invitation to return to wholeness, to live in love
and to balance the yin and yang within us.
The ultimate fulfillment of our spiritual journey is the manifestation of love, joy and wisdom in our
lives. This is the essence of a new spiritual awakening, a movement into higher dimensions.
If you want to leave behind an outmoded system of separation and encompass wholeness with a heartcenteredconsciousness, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop we shall focus on the following areas:
-opening the heart
-transmuting fear
-rethinking our purpose in life
-facing changes such as aging and health
-relationships and intimacy
-creating abundance in our lives
-healing and transforming trauma.

In order to reach these states of mind, we will practice fluid sequence of yoga asanas. They are done in a sequence which imitates the movements of animals with special breathing.
Also we will do rituals to pacify images from our past, dreams, past lives and also images of our
ancestors. If these images are imbued with anger, pain or anxiety, then you will react from a negative field of energy.
We will use techniques such as breath control, sacred dances , guided meditation and Nada yoga to achieve these states of mind and transform our lives.

Fluid sequences in shamanic yoga

On this trip, we will be visiting the Kansai region of Japan ,which is located on the southern central island of Honshu. We will land in Osaka international airport and then spend one night there
before leaving the next day for Kyoto. Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan for many centuries. The city has numerous palaces, shrines, temples and other landmarks . Among some of the famous ones are Kiyimizu-dera temple which is seated on a mountain and in autumn surrounded by beautiful autumn foliage.

We will also visit Kinkaku- ji, a golden Zen temple which was the retirement villa of a shogun.

Before heading to Nara we will go for a day hike to Kurama dera, located in the northern part of Kyoto, Kurama-dera is known for its spirituality and its breathtaking natural beauty. Mt. Kurama is also believed to be the birthplace of reiki, a type of “energy therapy” which utilizes spiritual


Then we will go to Nara, which is located less than one hour from Kyoto. Due to its past as the first permanent capital, it remains full of historic treasures, including some of Japan’s oldest and largest temples. Here we will visit a shinto shrine: Kasuga Taisha and some other Japanese gardens.

Finally we will spend the last  days on Koya san where we will do the workshop in a Buddhist temple. MΩt. Koya (called Koyasan in Japanese), one of the most sacred mountaintop retreats in Japan. Standing 3,000 feet above the world, Mt. Koya has been a place of meditation and religious learning for more than 1,190 years ago. Koya-san’s most famous landmark is the otherworldly Okunoin Cemetery.

We will be eating Japanese vegetarian temple food and maybe time permitting we will be able to go to a hot spring.

September 24 back to Osaka

September 25 flight to Europe

Info: info@voyagesillumination.com